• Easy and quick ways to earn a free vacation or at least save a bundle towards one

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    Referral Programs- All Aboard Vacations has a referral program that we are happy to allow anyone to be a part of.  It is really a very easy program, you bring us business and we reward you. When your referral books a vacation with us, when they return from their vacation you will have a credit on your account that can be used towards your next 7 day or longer vacation or for surprise on your next vacation.

    Swagbucks-   If you happen to have about 10 minutes every day that you are sitting in front of  a computer or a smartphone with a wifi connection (otherwise you will run out of data) you can earn real money about 50.00 a month to turn in for gift cards. All you have to do is allow your computer to run some videos in the background click on some links and if you so choose try to complete some surveys.  When you make a purchase online if you go to this site first and link to the site you are making a purchase on you can get money back as well.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUT IN ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION if you do not choose to.  If you get other friends and family to join you can earn money every time they earn money as well. 

    We actually have an account as well and we use the money to buy all our clients gifts so if you are thinking about signing up or you want to get more information we would really appreciate it if you click on the below link to sign up.  You will benefit on your next vacation by helping to ensure a surprise gift on your trip. http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/poof35

    Ebates – Do you need to buy something and lowes maybe home depot?  Maybe you just like to do online shopping.   Then this is the site for you.  This site allows you to earn a percentage back on your purchases made.  Even better on top of this it will also tell you the promotion code that you can use to save a few more dollars on your purchase.  Each month they will send you a statement with how much money you have earned and they will send you a check equal to that amount. If you would like more information on this site or you think this is a good site for you please click here https://www.ebates.com/r/POOF35

    Receipt Pal and Receipt Hog - These are apps for your smart phone.  I love these for 2 reasons, the first being that I can trade in the money for Amazon gift cards or Paypal money and secondly it allows me to no longer have to keep a pile of receipts just in case I need to make a return.  The jist of these apps is the in turn for you sharing your shopping habits by taking a picture of all your shopping receipts they will give you money.  If you want to earn even faster you can link it to your amazon account and your email accounts as well so that whenever you order anything online you get credit for those as well.   These 2 apps alone allowed me to pay for all of my holiday gifts last holiday season which meant that when it came time to planning our vacation I had plenty of extra money to put in all the little extra things that I always wished I could do on a vacation but could never justify spending money on.  Since I did not have to pay for the holiday gifts I was able to reallocate that budget and enjoy our family vacation so much more this year. 

    I could probably go on and on about these types of programs but in all honesty there are the good old traditional ways of saving for vacation as well.  When you come home every day just take all the change out of your pockets and put it in a jar.  On a given date you count up all that change and you would be amazed at how much you have saved to use on your vacation.  It normally covers most of my clients spending money.  Many banks today will also round up your bill payments to the nearest dollar and put it in a savings account for you. 

    We challenge you to try out one of these ideas or share one of your own with us and when you have enough come back to us and we will help you plan a vacation of a life time.  Happy saving!

  • Plan Early and Check Often!

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    Anyone that knows anything about me, knows that I am a planner.  I plan for everything but I go all out when it comes to vacations.  Since airfare normally opens up for sale 331 days prior to the return date of a trip you will usually find me starting the research process on that day if it has not already been started prior.   Why do I do this you ask?  The reasons are many.  First, In many cases the earlier you book the better availability you tend to have especially if you are planning on a very popular destination like Disney world or if you are travelling at a popular time like a holiday week. Second, just because you book early does not mean you are locked into the price that you pay.  In most cases, you are only putting down a deposit and you are free to apply promotions and change the booking up until the time of final payment. Lastly, check your plans often. For instance if your airline flight that you booked has a schedule change and it has changed significantly enough to alter you plans or at least upset them you have the ability to have those flights changed often times for free. This means that if you book a year out and you take a flight that had a layover because the price was decent and that flight schedule was changed you can often change that flight to a direct flight that was well out of your price range and not pay anymore. Had I not been planning at the beginning I would not have been able to book that flight that the airline had just released before they had the employee schedules released and thus no changes would have been made and I would be not be on a direct flight for a fraction of the cost.  I also would not be staying in a prime location in Disney during Thanksgiving vacation and still getting a great promotion because I already had the reservation and just had the price adjusted the day a promotion came out.  So, the next time you decide to book a vacation think about it way ahead of time and save yourself money and keep checking back until you pay your final payment to make sure you are not missing out on a nice promotion that can be applied.  Better yet call All Aboard Vacations and we will do all of this for you.  We make it our policy to always apply any promotions that we are made aware of to all of our clients’ reservations.