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    Lately, the airlines have been doing some crazy things. In the last few weeks several of them have gone out of business. Others are canceling direct flights making it much harder to get anywhere. We won’t even get into the prices and new luggage rules. I have a solution to all this. DON’T FLY. There are numerous cruises on several different lines that go all over the world year round from New York. I will only talk about New York since that is where I live. Recently, we went on the Norwegian Spirit. It is a beautiful ship that was offering six day trips. We had a great time on board and while its not the best cruise ever, it was a chance to get away. Best part was that we didn’t have to fly or pay for parking. I say save yourself the money get a friend to drive you to the pier. New York is an easy facility to navigate. Buy your friend dinner and save the $20+ for parking or hundreds of dollars for flying where you also have to pay to park. Princess, Carnival, RCCL, and Holland America also offer cruises out of the New York metro area going anywhere from Bermuda, the Caribbean, Canada, and even Europe. Spend the Money on your vacation and not getting to your vacation. If you need some assistance with the planning give us a call. 203-592-2372

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