• What is wrong with traveling to Mexico?

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    Recently, there have been a number of people asking about all inclusive vacations. As many of you know, Riviera Maya in Mexico is a prime all inclusive destination. All too often, the reaction to the idea is “I don’t want to do Mexico, It’s not safe.” This is something I would like to address. Mexico is safe. Are there areas that are not safe? Have we seen or heard terrible things on the news. The simple answer is yes there are areas that are not safe. My simple answer, are there sections of the United States that are not safe? Yes of course. So why do people still travel all over the U.S. but not Mexico? People understand that crime in one city has nothing to do with crime in another. Yet when we hear Mexico, we act like it’s a tiny place. The reality is that most of the crime is taking place in places like Mexico City and along the Texas Mexico border. These areas are many miles away. It’s like saying I’m not going to Disney world because of the Boston bombings. Absurd, yes, but we do it every day.

    The truth is that if you book a vacation with a reputable travel agent and make sure things like transfers are taken care of before you leave, you can have the vacation of your lives and be totally safe. Are there going to be tons of people trying to “help” you at the airport, yes. Are there going to be tons of people trying to sell you every piece of “high quality merchandise” imaginable, yes. Is this different than any other Caribbean country? No.

    Go to the Mexican Riviera. Enjoy the amazing resorts. Your transportation will take you directly to your gated resort. Have fun, eat, drink, and be Merry. If you leave the resort, be smart and go on a tour booked from one of the tour operators in your hotel. They are there to make money, but they want you to stay safe and be happy. Use common sense and you could have the vacation of your lives.

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